A Message from The Cave Collective

The Cave Collective is a volunteer ran non-profit community organization dedicated to encouraging societal change in the Black Hills region through cultural engagement, with an emphasis on all ages and youth (14-24) friendly programing in a substance free environment.

After nearly a decade of putting on free underground shows in a literal cave in The Black Hills, we decided to come above ground in May of 2019 when we opened our location at 524 7th St. in downtown Rapid City. Over the following year, as we noticed the majority (at least 60%) of our audience was under 21, we decided to focus our mission on producing quality cultural events in a safe and positive environment free of drugs and alcohol.

In March of 2020 we announced our plans to expand the location to include a coffee shop, tutoring center, and bookstore. Unfortunately, these plans were derailed when our nation was swept by COVID-19, limiting our capability to host the large gatherings that were the basis of our programming. We decided to close the Downtown location and refocus our programming on livestreamed events and safe and socially distant programs, notably Amplify Black Hills, a livestreamed art and music festival we cohosted with Racing Magpie on June 27th 2020 and the Black Hills Drive Aid - with all money raised staying within the local community.

Looking to the future, The Cave Collective will continue offering Social Distanced live events, and we are working to establish music education programming for low-income or otherwise disadvantaged youth; such as music lessons, event production classes, financial skill classes, writing workshops and more. We will be hosting these events with community partners for the time being and will be re-establishing a brick-and-mortar location once we have raised the necessary funding to do so.

The past few months have been trying and difficult for all of us, showcasing both the best and worst that humanity has to offer - but the night is always darkest before the dawn. We have seen our communities come together to support one another in unprecedented ways. We have watched our local leaders and business owners develop new strategies to help us stay safe as we adjust to the changing times, and we have seen the incredible resilience of the diverse populations that call these Black Hills our home. Despite what some might have you believe, we are always better together, and if anything, these recent events have brought us closer together than ever before. We at The Cave Collective believe our brightest days are still ahead of us, and we cannot wait to see you there.

Rapid City, South Dakota

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