Story & Song Concert Series

The Cave Collective and Verb Storytelling Collective are proud to present a series of 26 intimate and acoustic pop up performances featuring Black Hills artists performing at Rapid City businesses, sharing original songs and personal stories of living, creating, and performing in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Story and Song is a collaborative community effort to provide artists with socially distanced opportunities for paying gigs, spotlight the locally owned businesses of Rapid City, and showcase the talent, resilience, and collective spirit of the Rapid City and greater Black Hills community.  

Tickets are $10 and limited to 10 attendees per event (temporarily livestream only due to COVID-19 spike). Performances will last 30-45 minutes and all attendees are invited to participate in an artist Q+A to be held at the end of the performance. Masks are required for attendance and will be provided at no cost for those who do not have their own. 

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October Events:

October 4th - Rowan Grace @ Flat Iron Recording

505 Kansas City St. #2

About Rowan Grace:
Rowan Grace is a fresh new face in the Pop Music Scene, her music is positive and upbeat with lyrics that are written to lift people up, inspire them to chase their dreams and to not lose sight of who they are and what they can be. Rowan was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota she was inspired to become a singer, songwriter and musician by artists such as Adele, Arianna Grande, Billie Eilish, Elton John, Queen and the Beatles. Rowan is what you might call an average 15-year-old with above-average aspirations to share her talents with the world.

About Flat Iron Recording:
Located in the art district of downtown Rapid City, Flat Iron Recording was opened in 2009 by Scott Miller Sr. and Scott Miller Jr. with the goal of bringing a comfortable yet professional recording space to Rapid City. The studio offers a 450 square foot “live room” with 12’ ceilings which help add natural body and space to both electric and acoustic instruments. The space allows us to cater to all types of projects from large bands to single artists.

October 18th - Cory Anderson @ Gallery Six13

613 Main St.

About Cory Anderson:
Cory Anderson is solo Folk Americana that relocated to The Black Hills from Sioux Falls, South Dakota after a life changing house show; when “seeing about a girl,” is a five hour drive you end up moving. Featuring song lyrics ranging from the mystical, to heartfelt life experiences. He’s been featured on The White Wall sessions and, and B102.7 radio. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Dalton Coffey, Dylan Lewis, Condor, Matt Costa, The Heavy Set, The Empty Pockets, The Youngest and Har-di-Har. Library Advocate grew up listening to Wilco, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Greg Brown, Modest Mouse and The Talking Heads. In addition to Library Advocate, Cory spends a lot of time working on the duo project, The Swaths.

About Gallery Six13:
Located directly across from the Firehouse Brewery and next to Pour 54 Taphouse in Rapid City is Gallery Six13. This fine art gallery features work from regional visual artists from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Gallery hours are 4-8 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

October 11th - Tiffany Johnson @ Spice & Tea Exchange

519 6th St.

About Tiffany Johnson:
Performing an original mix of Country and Pop, Tiffany Johnson is a singer and songwriter with a fresh new style. Surrounded by music from a young age, Tiffany is a natural writer and performer. She fell in love with the idea of being able to capture a moment or feeling through song lyrics. She hopes that with each song she writes, someone will be able to identify with it and feel like they are understood.

About Spice and Tea Exchange:
"Creating & sharing the experience of a more flavorful life," is the mission and cornerstone of our business, in which we strive to provide guests with quality products and flavorful memories. We offer a high-quality, diverse assortment of products in a sensory shopping experience. One step into our shop will kick your senses into high-gear as you open the jars and smell, explore recipes, and speak with our knowledgeable staff about your culinary interests.

October 25th - Clayton Ryan @ Henry Roy Photography

804 St Joseph St

About Clayton Ryan:
Born in the high plains of Arizona, raised on the Iowa prairie, and steeped in the rugged, kind hearts of the Midwest, Clayton Ryan has found a powerful, honest voice that celebrates the common person in real terms. No stranger to the grit, the folk songwriter has paid dues as a bartender, sales clerk, railroad man, liquor distributor, stagehand, custodian, and laborer, drawing explicit inspiration from the toil of people from across the globe. Songs of human morality, tall-tale characters, and lessons learned make a performance by Clayton Ryan an honest, campfire-side experience.

About Henry Roy Photography:
Henry Roy Photography is Rapid City's premier wedding photographer. They also provide portraits, family photos, headshoots, and intimate boudoir. Henry Roy Photography was voted best of the Black Hills 2020, and received a Weddingwire Couple's Choice Award in 2020.

November 2020:

November 1st - Wyatt Fenner @ Ernie Novembers

1319 W Main St.

About Wyatt Fenner:
Raised by parents who remember when bands with names like like Green Day, Propaghandi and Jawbreaker still came to Rapid City, Wyatt Fenner brings the talent, charisma and songwriting chops needed to revitalize the once internationally renowned Black Hills punk rock scene. He has performed with national touring acts such as The Patients and In the Whale and recorded an EP in 2018 with industry legend Steve Albini. Whether performing with his band Someday Best, or shredding the guitar with American Heavy Metal Weekend, Wyatt is most within his element when performing for an attentive audience and is a talent to watch. 

About Ernie Novembers:
One step into Ernie Novembers and you’re instantly transported back to a time when things were simpler – before digital downloads dominated the airwaves and the newest releases were relegated to a cardboard box at the front of the record shop. A time when the incense burned freely and there was always time for another round of disk golf. Whether you’re looking for that new record release, a fresh deck for your skateboard, or set of strings for your guitar, Ernie Novembers has you covered with a friendly and knowledgeable staff always ready to point you in the right direction.

November 15th - Anna Robins @ Harriet and Oak

329 Main St.

About Anna Robins:
A roaming, creative entity of the American Midwest, Anna Robins is a growing songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and filmmaker with a passion for building bridges through song and film. Her original musical style combines the honest conversations of contemporary music with the driving rhythms and touching melodies of her folk roots. She is also the co-founder of Singing Doe – Workshop & Showcase, a one-day music event led by and featuring female singers, musicians, and songwriters in the South Dakota.

About Harriet and Oak:
Harriet & Oak is a cafe and roaster in Downtown Rapid City. They feature espresso drinks, wine and beer, along with made-from-scratch sandwiches, breakfast burritos, scones, muffins, breads and pies. Harriet & Oak also offers a variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and paleo options. Coffee is roasted in-house and they are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

November 29th - JuQ

Full Circle Martial Arts Academy

About JuQ:
JUQ is the music project from Wanbli Ceya, who has made a name for themselves with their honest and and introspective songs that mix traditional Lakota instrumentation with modern pop production techniques.

"Essentially everything I do as a singer/songwriter is geared towards providing a soundtrack to my Lakota people, ultimately putting the wakanpi and our lakolwicohan on a pedestal. Having Lakota women, men, a native spouse or spouses on a pedestal. Speaking our language, being alcohol, drug, cig, etc. free on a pedestal. With the intention of getting my people, along with all tribes around the world as well as the rest of humanity, back to who we really are."
About Full Circle Martial Arts Academy:  
Welcome to Full Circle Martial Arts Academy. Our mission is to cultivate healthy students in body, mind, and spirit by providing space to connect and train. We are community builders, mentors, and friends working to redefine the role of the martial arts as a tool for individual and community growth.

November 8th - Josh Shepperd @ Black Hills Vinyl

622 St. Joseph St.

About Josh Shepperd:
A Black Hills artist by way of Arkansas, Josh Shepperd comes from a venerated line of musical storytellers. He earned his guitar chops performing in the worship circles influenced by his Pentacostal upbringing before forming the indie rock band Taught the Rabbits with his childhood friend (and current award-winning artist) Adam Faucett. Josh moved with his wife Sarah and their five children to The Black Hills in 2014 but began performing within the local music scene only recently. He has quickly amassed a fanbase with his honest and heartfelt songs about love, faith, and how those forces help us navigate this often-difficult human condition. Josh is also co-frontman of the local band Modern Folklore.

About Black Hills Vinyl:
At Black Hills Vinyl, our goal is to provide the fine citizens and visitors of the beautiful Black Hills with a one-stop shop for vinyl records, turntables and accessories. Whether you are a vinyl enthusiast, a casual listener or even if you're brand new to vinyl records, we will strive to quench your musical thirst and deliver superb service in the process. We will maintain an exciting selection of new and used records across many genres. Our vision as a business, is to increase vinyl appreciation in the Black Hills area, while operating a business that stays actively engaged with the local community as a whole. Stop in and drop the needle!

November 22nd - Chris Huisinga @ Creative605 Studio

522 7th St. Studio 208

About Chris Huisenga:
Chris Huisenga is a South Dakota based singer/songwriter whose style can be described as anything from rhythmic blues rock to Indie acoustic and everything in between. His lyrics focus on honesty. Anyone can find something to relate to in his words and music. In August 2017, Chris was named the Songwriter of the month by the South Dakota Songwriter’s Association and was featured in their collection of the “Singing Buffalo Sessions” EPs. Chris released his debut album “All My Friends & A Girl” in April 2018, and has since been busy writing new material and playing shows in support of his album.

About Creative605 Studio:
Creative.605 Studio was born from two guys getting coffee. It’s really that simple. An idea that started out as simply a place to take photos, soon grew into something bigger. Why not create a space that other people could use for their own? There are thousands of creative people in our community that don’t have a space to use for creating their art, whatever that art may be. Creative.605 Studio is that space. It is yours. Ours. Collectively.

December 2020:

December 6th - Andrew Jandt @ Decades Vintage Clothing

632 St Joseph St.

About Andrew Jandt:
Hailing from Rapid City, South Dakota, Trap Kit aims to put Northern Plains Formal Folk on the worldwide map. Blending rhythmic guitar and flowing vocals, the contrast will pull at your heart from many directions. The pulse of Trap Kit’s music will drive and inspire you. Trap Kit has shared the stage with Grammy Award winning Beatboxer Rahzel, and opened for acts such as The Districts, Matt Costa, Andrea Von Kampen, Layne and John Craigie. 

About Decades Vintage Clothing:
Keeping Rapid City weird since 2016, Decades has become the local hotspot for those seeking a unique look. From mid century vintage to 80’s retro-futuristic wonder, Decades has something for everyone looking to step back in time and return with a fashion revelation.

Tickets Available Nov. 15

December 13th - Jesse Roltgen @ Canvas 2 Paint

632 St Joseph St

About Jesse Roltgen:

Jesse Roltgen grew up in the Black Hills, and discovered an early love of music when singing was used to help her overcome a stutter. Her poetry was first published in second grade in local publications, and that soon turned into song writing. She started performing acapella as a teenager at local open mics, and picked up the acoustic guitar in college, and has been performing original folk music ever since.

About Canvas 2 Paint:
Since 2013, we’ve helped our awesome customers explore their creativity while enjoying a fun and upbeat atmosphere. Come and enjoy one of our step-by-step classes or a casual paint session during our Open Studio hours with your friends (booking required during COVID-19); all while sipping on one of your favorite beverages (alcohol & non-alcohol beverages available)! Our classes our taught by experienced and enthusiastic local artists who love providing a crazy-good time while helping you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Tickets Available Nov. 15

December 20th - Welby June Clifford @ Perfect Hanging Gallery

621 Main St

About Welby June Clifford:

Known for his work with Scotti Clifford and Spirits Cry, Welby June is a unique voice and songwriter within his own right. Often performing with his sister Wahpe Louella Clifford as Pretty Leaf and The Stardust, Welby is constantly on tour and makes a living as a performing artist from the Black Hills region. Welby has shared the stage with a variety of well-known national acts, including Dispatch, Nahko & Medicine for the People, and Dave Mathews Band.

About Perfect Hanging Gallery:

Perfect Hanging Gallery is a custom frame shop established in 1973.  For over 40 years, Perfect Hanging Gallery has been serving the region with custom framing, art, and gifts.  With over 25 years of combined framing experience our staff can help with the simplest of framing to the most complicated. We are also a proud member of the Rapid City Arts Council, and Artists of the Black Hills.

Tickets Available Nov. 15

December 27th - Jonathan and Tessa Bates

Location TBA

About Jonathan and Tessa Bates:
Performing as Dewey Lynore (taken from their respective middle names,) husband and wife duo Jonathan and Tessa Bates are staples of the Rapid City music scene, performing in many different bands and musical projects. Hailing from the folk tradition of utilizing songs as vehicles for storytelling, Jonathan and Tessa Bates sing powerful hymns about navigating relationships, recovering from childhood trauma, and their deep religious faith.

Tickets Available Nov. 15

January 2021

January 3rd - Eliza Blue

Location TBA

About Eliza Blue:
Eliza Blue is a writer, folk singer, and multi-instrumentalist. Her original music has received national press, including write-ups in the New York Times blog and Minneapolis Star Tribune, and she has shared the stage with such greats as Billy Bragg, Kelly Jo Phelps, and Channy Lenaugh, of the band Polica. Most recently, Eliza collaborated with Billy Talbot, of the band Crazy Horse, on two albums, and was just selected as a “favorite” by SDPB Magazine for contribution to the Tiny Desk Concert series contest. After being an urbanite for most of her life, Eliza now resides with her sweetheart and their son, in Perkins County, South Dakota, herding sheep, & raising chickens. She also writes a weekly syndicated column that is carried by several print publications in South Dakota.

Tickets Available Dec. 15

January 10th - Devon Sants @ Studio Disco

601 Kansas City St Suite 2

About Devon Sants:

With a love for blues and soul, and a history of punk and folk, a fusion of genres comes bleeding through the songs of Devon Sants. In 2018, Devon took his music from the mountains of Colorado to the Black Hills of South Dakota where he recorded his first EP, "Mess I've Made". He tries to recreate the emotion and personal hardship in his lyrics. His single "Home" is all about his roots, where he was raised and the lessons he learned. His style has been described as "Blues Rock" and "Indie Folk" and everything in between. The focus of story telling and descriptive lyrics come from influences like Blue OctoberAmigo the DevilThe Airborne Toxic Event and Tyler Childers.

About Studio Disco:

Studio Disco is a movement collective in historical Downtown Rapid City, South Dakota located in the Hay Camp Brewing complex. Established in Fall 2017 by Phoenix L’Amour & Frankie Poussé, Studio Disco offers a space to learn, instruct and explore your creativity.  With the idea to offer affordable rehearsal space, an intimate classroom and a fun place to escape the daily grind, Studio Disco is just what Rapid City needs. Studio Disco will host an array of classes from burlesque to step aerobics.  If you are interested in hosting your class, event or you're looking for a space to rehearse, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tickets Available Dec. 15

January 17th - Taylor Frear

Location TBA

About Taylor Frear:
Piedmont, South Dakota native Taylor Frear is a 16 year old acoustic singer/songwriter and musician who's style could be described as Indie/Pop with a few other styles thrown in. Taylor has been on the local music scene since 2017. You can find her playing at local venues in the Black Hills and she is working on her first solo EP.

Tickets Available Dec. 15

January 24th - Iron Mountain Band at Press Start

504 Mt. Rushmore Rd.

About Iron Mountain:
Americana and folk music duo, Iron Mountain, tells their stories like scars. Members, James and Liam, are from Rapid City, South Dakota growing up together in the surrounding area. Iron Mountain was formed in 2019.

About Press Start:
Located underground at the corner of Main and Mt. Rushmore, this vintage arcade will bring back a feeling of nostalgia as you hammer away on our collection of nearly 200 games while enjoying a variety of snacks and beverages. Press Start is open Monday to Friday, 4 p.m. to midnight; Saturday, noon to 2 a.m., and closed on Sunday.

Tickets Available Dec. 15

January 31st - Steve Thorpe

Location TBA

About Steve Thorpe:

Steve Thorpe returned home to the Black Hills in 1991, vowing to succeed as a novelist or starve to death trying. By 1992, he had figured out he could make a subsistence singing original songs. The singing of the songs brought him into contact with a number of Black Hills musicians and songwriters; and when the opportunity to write about these people and the music scene they were building, he applied his skill with prose to publicizing the music he was hearing. His columns were published in the Newcastle Newsletter Journal, Panache Magazine, and the Rapid City Journal, as well as several short-lived indie publications in South Dakota and Wyoming. Currently, he plays in jams and song circles, benefits whenever he can, on the street in Hill City in summer, and anywhere he can find that will pay him a little.

Tickets Available Dec. 15

February 2021:

February 7th - The Wake Singers at Racing Magpie

406 5th St.

About The Wake Singers:
Mike and Doug Two Bulls have been performing music in the Black Hills for well over a decade, appearing in several acclaimed bands such as Friends of Caesar Romero, Arrows from Saturn and The Wake Singers. They formed The Wake Singers while attending The Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. In the years since they have added their cousin Reed Two Bulls to the group as a vocalist, who brings her own powerful note to the proceedings.

About Racing Magpie:
We use our experience and backgrounds in Native arts to help strengthen our community and the art world. We offer a wide range of services to assist artists, collectors, and arts and culture organizations. In supporting the creative and innovative projects and artists in our region and nationally, we believe they will build bridges for communities to be strengthened and social and racial divides to shrink.

Tickets Available Jan. 15

February 14th - Jacqueline Kreibel @ Hippie Haven

806 Saint Joseph St.

About Jacqueline Kriebel:
Jacqueline Kriebel, born and raised in Rapid City has been performing at various venues for about 8 years. She graduated BHSU with a bachelor's in Vocal Music. Her inspiration comes from soulful Jazz, folk and blues. By day she is a farm to Preschool chef at Westside Preschool.

About Hippie Haven:
Hippie Haven Shop is a zero-waste store and community space owned by a female veteran turned zero waste activist. Hippie Haven Shop opened in December 2019 and is run by a team of women in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota. More than 70% of the products in Hippie Haven Shop are made by female-owned small businesses in the United States. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, and plastic-free. 

Tickets Available Jan. 15

February 21 - Marnie Cook

Location TBA

About Marnie Cook:
A lifelong musician, Marnie Cook began her career like a lot of others, in elementary school, playing flute, but later began playing guitar so she could accompany herself singing. Marnie returned to South Dakota and has been a staple of the music scene in the Black Hills for nearly two decades. With her acoustic style and buttery voice, Marnie offers an eclectic song selection, deep cuts, and songs as familiar as your favorite blanket. Her originals are wistful and often descriptive of The Great Plains. She has started a new chapter, is now attending school and concentrating on songwriting and performing. Look for her playing in the Hills. If you can’t make a live show, you’ll find her album Miles and Miles on Spotify. Also, visit her new Youtube channel Sea Goat Collective.

Tickets Available Jan. 15

February 28th - Sequoia Crosswhite @ Perfect Wave Productions

1215 E Saint Patrick St.

About Sequoia Crosswhite:
Sequoia Crosswhite is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and a descendant of Chief War Eagle and Chief Swift Cloud. He is an accomplished musician, grass dancer and historian, and his handmade flutes and musical recordings uphold the traditions of his Lakota ancestors. Sequoia is also a tour guide; whose trips include historic and traditional stories along with flute and traditional songs. Much of his music is a fusion of hip-hop, rock, and lyrics about Indian heritage and contemporary life.

About Perfect Wave Productions:
Perfect Wave Productions provides professional audio solutions for venues ranging from sports stadiums and outdoor amphitheaters to houses of worship and corporate conference rooms.

We communicate, we listen and learn about the acoustic environment that our clients wish to improve. We bring technology, science and experience in acoustic science and speaker placement into the equation to create solutions that are a custom fit to the sonic environment

Our engineers do a comprehensive study of the acoustic environment. They provide a plan of action that is agreement with the client’s vision, goals and budget. Our team executes the installation and provides ongoing support to make sure that your system is ideal for the space.

Tickets Available Jan. 15

March 2021:

March 7th - Nevada Ellison @ Trichotomy Studios

15 E Chicago St

About Nevada Ellison:
A farmer by day and local rock-star by night, Nevada Ellison perfectly embodies the “work hard, play hard” ethic. Known as the frontman of Camp Comfort, Nevada can be found belting out “highly danceable guitar centric jams in a relaxed but rugged fashion” on any given Friday or Saturday night in the Black Hills. Equally at home working the field, playing a guitar around a campfire or rocking on a big stage for a massive audience, Nevada is the quintessential midwestern working artist.

About Trichotomy Studio:
Trichotomy Studio is a recording studio located in the beautiful black hills, providing recording and production services to musicians across the Midwest. Independently owned and operated, Jerry Sutton has worked with a variety of artists and genres.

Tickets Available Feb. 15

March 14th - Tom Swift Bird @ Heroes and Villains Comics and Games

524 6th Street

About Tom Swift Bird:
Tom Swift Bird is a prolific Black Hills artist, writer, musician, jeweler, and all-around master craftsman. He is a participant in many local music projects, performing solo as Ghostsong Elegy, a project he describes as “A monument of echoes; meditative funeral dirge set to Lakota hand drum.” He also performs in the gothic dream pop band Plague Pitted Moon with Cave Collective founders NaTasha and Dexter Carman.

About Heroes and Villains:
Why settle for less when you can deal with the best? Heroes & Villains was established in 2017 with combined collecting experience of over 30 years. It is our utmost priority to ensure customers can trust they are receiving the best prices available along with outstanding customer service when selling goods, receiving a FREE estimate, or having an estate appraised. Looking to add to your collection? We aim to have market competitive pricing across the board. If we don’t have something in stock, we will find it for you. We love what we do here at Heroes & Villains, and are striving to create more interest in collecting throughout the region. We want everyone who comes though our doors to have a great experience. We want you do understand what you are selling or purchasing. Come stop by... You won’t be disappointed!

Tickets Available Feb. 15

March 21 - Laura Mills @ Haggerty's Musicworks

2520 W. Main St.

About Laura Mills:
Laura Mills is a down to earth singer songwriter whose earnest lyrics and alluring melodies will grab you by the heartstrings. Laura began writing in her hometown of Rapid City, South Dakota and later gained momentum in Laramie, Wyoming and Portland, OR where she performed solo and with other acts such as Party Art.

About Haggerty’s Musicworks:

Haggerty's Musicworks has been serving the community of Rapid City South Dakota since 1979. They are a full service store, offering everything from guitars and drums, to trumpets and cellos. They do sound design and installation, and have installed sound systems in churches, gyms, stadiums, and Mount Rushmore. We also repair all brass and string instruments.

Tickets Available Feb. 15

March 28th - Dexter and NaTasha Carman @ The Birdcage Bookstore

524 7th St

About Dexter and NaTasha Carman

In addition to directing The Cave Collective and raising three children together, Dexter and NaTasha perform as Sisyphus Happy. With songs that juxtapose the mighty forces of nature against the forces that stir within our very own souls, NaTasha and Dexter seek to remind others through their art and civic engagement that none of us are ever as alone as the voices in our head may sometimes suggest. They will be closing out our Story and Song series by performing new material, reflecting on the year past, and sharing what is to come for The Cave Collective in 2021.

About The Bird Cage Bookstore and Red Ribbon Skirt Society:

The Bird Cage Bookstore is a Lakota Woman owned and operated bookstore specializing in local and regional Native American Books, and featuring women's literature and community events. The Red Ribbon Skirt Society is a group of Indigenous Women and like minded women that provide support to the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Tickets Available Feb. 15

October 2020:

Rapid City, South Dakota

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